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I began making solo experimental sounds as a teenager in mid-1998 after getting my first 4-track recorder. My main projects over the years have been Suburbia Melting and Regosphere, as well as running the DumpsterScore Home Recordings label since 2003. I've been in dozens of punk/grind/thrash bands and have been involved with many side projects, groups and collaborations that I'm very proud of as well. I've been a big dark ambient/drone/electroacoustic fan for many years and have finally decided to let that side of my own work be shown. The goal when making work under my own name is deep meditation, a deconstruction of the environments and social situations forced on me, as well as to express myself more "musically" than I do with my other projects. Every sound means something, and as such, shows and recordings under my own name will be rare and well planned. This site will also contain information about my soundtrack work.